U15 B - Coach Bio (Caledon Female Hockey Association)

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           Navaz "Chevy" Qadeer

Dedicated and passionate, coach Chevy Qadeer believes in the power of effort, personal growth, and seizing opportunities both on and off the ice.
With a lifelong love for hockey, coach Chevy has always believed being a student of the game. After gaining experience as an assistant coach for a boys Under 16 team in the  mid-2000's, and then being an assistant coach for the Coyotes a few years ago, Chevy's dream of becoming a head coach became a reality this past season. This opportunity has allowed him to fully immerse himself in the sport he loves and work to make a positive impact. 
Chevy's coaching approach centers around fostering a supportive environment where players are encouraged to give their best effort, constantly develop their skills, and grow as individuals. He firmly believes that everyone has the potential to play at a higher level than they may initially believe, and he is dedicated to assisting each player on their journey towards reaching their fullest potential.
With coach Chevy as your coach, you can expect a combination of enthusiasm, creativity, and a genuine passion for the game. His goal is to guide and inspire players to not only excel on the ice, but also to embrace personal growth and seize opportunities that extend beyond the rink. Chevy is excited to embark on this journey with you and believes that together, you can achieve great things in the wonderful world of hockey.